Kala Robinson

Mrs. Kala Robinson



About me:
  I graduated from Pittsburg State University in the fall of 2007.
 I have had the privilege of teaching at Guthridge Elementary for 6 years and then moved to Parsons Middle School. I taught 3rd grade for my first year of teaching, but moved up to the 4th grade after that and stayed there for 5 years.  I taught 6th grade math at PMS for 5 years and I am looking forward to my FIRST year in FACS!  I also get to dabble in the yearbook for an hour this year. I love my job and the kids that I have the opportunity to teach every year.  They are not just my students...they are my kids.  We are a family in my classroom and do many things to encourage a tight knit bond between all of us.  

In my personal life, I have a wonderful hubby named Reed and 3 dogs, Gunner, Ruger, and Buster.