Student Council

Parsons Middle School Student Council

Parsons Middle School Student Council sponsors many activities for students.  Some of these activities are listed below.

                Student Council sponsors two Spirit Weeks – one in the fall, and one in the spring.  The one in the fall usually coincides with the last volleyball and football games.  The one in the spring is the last week of boys’ basketball.  Past themes have included Camo/Western Day, Incredibles Day, Twin/Multiples Day, Class Color Day, Day at the MoviesSpirit Day, Crazy Hat, Sock, and Shoe Day and the always favorite, Pajama Day. (Click the embedded links to view the 2015 - 2016 Student Life photo galleries.)


                After the last girls’ volleyball game and boys’ football game, Student Council sponsors a volleyball game.  All girls participating in fall sports team up against all guys who play fall sports.  Student Council members lead the students in a cheer.  Plus, our band or tumbling team performs either before the game or during half time.  This is a great way to end the season of fall sports.


                One fundraiser consisted of making and selling candy bags around Halloween.  Student bagged the candy and sold the bags after school.


                Student Council is sponsoring a new Random Acts of Kindness activity.  Faculty, staff, and students can nominate anyone in our school for showing some type of kindness.  Examples are:  going out of their way to help someone, lending someone a pencil, showing signs of encouragement, saying nice things to one another. To nominate someone, pick up a form in the office or from a teacher.  Write the person’s name along with a description of what they did on the form.  Then, sign your name.  Put the form in the envelope marked “Random Acts of Kindness” located in the office.  Every Friday a name is drawn.  Mr. Geist reads this person’s name along with their act of kindness.  Their picture is taken and placed on our Wall of Kindness.


                In this activity, Student Council encouraged teachers to decorate their classroom door.  Themes could be based on Christmas or any winter theme.  Students assisted teachers in decorating their doors.  Student Council members then judged the doors.  Ribbons were made and placed on the winning doors.  Door Decoration Entries - Click the link to the left to view Entries.)

                Another favorite fundraiser is our Bags of Kisses Sale.  Student Council members make bags of kisses.  Students purchase the bags for 50 cents.  A note is attached to each bag which includes To and From.  Bags are delivered on Valentine’s Day (or close to it).  Last year Student Council sold 500 bags of kisses!


                Student Council made small bags of candy (Smarties, Life Savers, gum, etc.) for each student in our building.  Notes of encouragement were stapled to each bag:  Do Your Best, ACE the Test, You Can Do It, etc.  Bags were distributed to each student prior to the first week of testing.


                Our faculty and staff were encouraged to bring their baby/toddler picture.  Twenty-four pictures were received and put on display.  Students and teachers were then given the opportunity to guess which baby picture matched the faculty/staff member.  Student Council then “graded” the contest forms.   Prizes were awarded to the student from each grade that got the most correct matches. The teacher who turned in the most correct matches also received a prize.


                Every year, Student Council recognizes our teachers.   This year's theme was "Real heroes don't wear capes, they teach!" Student Council made goodie bags and distributed them during the week to teachers.  Also, teachers' names were entered into a drawing.  Each day two names were drawn.  They received a Superhero goodie bag.  Student Council also asked all students to write a note to a teacher responding to "You're my superhero because..."  Teachers were asked to wear a superhero shirt on Friday.  For something fun, teachers' faces were superimposed onto a superhero image and placed by their classroom doors.