2016 - 2017 Lions' "Student of the Month" Winners

8th Grade - Lions’ “Student of the Month”

TheParsons Lions Club sponsors a eighth grade recognition program,“Student of the Month”. Each month, all eighth grade teachers nominateone male and one female to represent the Middle School based on improvement in scholarship, attendance, responsibility, attitude, etc. The winning students are recognized at a noon luncheon the Second Tuesday of each month at Chinese Chef. The Lions' "Student of the Month" Winners are listed below.

October 2016

Emily Langston

Landen Proehl

February 2017

Kaitlyn Stringer

Matt Ray

November 2016

Jaden Malson

Larissa Muniz

March 2017

Ashlyn Brownewell

Ricky Ellis

December 2016

Zoe DiVall

Damian Northup

April 2017

Megan Steinle

Ethan Pellock

January 2017

Jacqueline Wilson

Landon Downey
May 2017

Khloey Stringer

Gavin Salyers