2014 - 2015 Supply List

Parsons Middle School Supply List 2014-2015

               8th Grade
               Spiral Notebooks (2)
               Loose leaf Paper (2)
               Pencils 20
               3 Ring binders (Reading)
               Folders (4)
               Calculator (ti-30Xa)
               2 Box of Kleenex
               Highlighters (4)
               Colored Pencils
               Deodorant (PE)
               Disk Key
               Composition Book (Spanish)

               7th Grade
               1’’-3 Ring Binder
               1- Pack of 5 Dividers
               2 Box of Kleenex
               2 Spiral notebooks- Communications
               Loose leaf Paper (3)
               (3) Pencil Bags
               Hand Sanitizer
               Deodorant (PE)
               Composition Book (Spanish)

               6th Grade - *Reminder pencils, pens, EXPO markers, paper, & highlights will need to be replaced throughout the year.
               2” heavy duty binder with clear plastic front sleeve
               Pencil pouch with 3 holes that will go in binder
               3 packages of loose leaf paper 1 package will be for your binder and 2 will be for math
               Colored pencils 12 or 16 count
               Grading pen (blue, red, or green)
               2 EXPO dry erase markers (for Math)
               2 subject spiral notebook (70 sheets)-Communications
               2 boxes of tissues (these will be turned into your 1st hour teacher)
               Optional: Calculator TI-30XA